About Us

Positively U, Inc. is a non-profit community-based organization created, led by minority citizen activists and staffed with a majority of individuals living with HIV in Central Florida

Since its inception in 2009 we have served our communities with dignity and respect regardless of age, race, religion, creed, ethnicity, income, disability or gender through leadership and advocacy initiatives.

The primary purpose of Positively U, Inc. is to provide meaningful support for persons living with HIV and to prevent the spread of HIV through education, counseling, testing, and case management.  Other key organizational goals include:

•Eliminating HIV-related misconceptions and stigma by finding innovative ways of engaging the community in fact-based discussion about HIV;

•Sustaining and enhancing the quality of life for persons living with HIV by finding innovative ways to meet their needs;

•Identifying and addressing service gaps and barriers to care through a continuous process of needs assessment, strategic planning, program development and evaluation of program outcomes.


Our Mission

The mission of Positively U is to provide culturally appropriate and compassionate programming to HIV positive and "at risk" individuals in various counties with an emphasis on tailoring our activities to meet each individual's specific needs. 

Collectively, our services meet the complex needs of today’s families, senior citizens, all whom are currently living with HIV.  We currently provide a variety of services from education, HIV testing, housing assistance, medical adherence, pharmacy co-pays and more.  We seek collaborative partner opportunities wherever feasible, to provide the maximum benefit to our “STARS” and the community. The primary benefit is the improved health of community members living with HIV. 


Core Values

• Out of the Box – We practice an unconventional approach to care.  An example of our innovative programming is a weekly telephone support group run by Positively U staff, with national participation.  It provides a forum for persons living with HIV who may be isolated or who may experience anticipated stigma in their communities, to share as a part of a larger community;

• Compassionate – An organization that shows kindness, caring and willingness to help others;

• Sustainability –    We aim to assist individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle independent of external support. 

Currently, Positively U, Inc. provide services in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa, Winter Haven Florida and Mississippi

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